Meeting In A Box
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We have created a set of educational tools in response to demand from concerned individuals who are interested in starting a dialogue about vaccination choice in their communities. Some people want to start small and intimate, with immediate family or close friends. Others are excited about creating opportunities to spread the word in larger gatherings, whether at church, the PTA, support group meetings, or neighborhood events.

Our MIB contains:

· A PowerPoint presentation containing the “Top 30 Slides” about vaccination choice

· Fifteen frequently asked questions and answers about vaccines

· A DVD of the movie Autism: Made in the USA plus a welcome letter from the Director and meeting discussion guide

· Flash cards summarizing important flaws in the “Fourteen Studies” that government uses to disprove a link between the MMR combination vaccine or the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal and autism

· Chicago Principles for Vaccination Choice

· Calls for Immediate Action in the United States

· Results from the CPR-sponsored Harris Interactive survey on vaccination choice demonstrating that a majority of American parents believe parents should have the right to decide which vaccines their children should receive, not government

· CPR business cards

· A sturdy, magnetic, foldable box proudly emblazoned with the Center for Personal Rights logo, to carry your flyers, handouts, sign in sheets and other materials.

With these tools, you are equipped to host a series of meetings. Start a discussion about vaccine safety, autism and chronic illness, and vaccination choice now! Please get in touch with us. You can send us your wish list or offer up your own content to be included and shared with others.  We are already receiving many ideas for future MIB materials, including:

· PowerPoint presentations about conflicts of interest in the vaccine licensure and approval process and the inequities inherent in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

· Rally-in-a-box, Lobby-in-a-box, and Media Kits to help your deliver high impact advocacy initiatives in your community. We’ll help you to organize public events, talk with legislators, and invite reporters to cover this important issue.

We are committed to backing you with state of the art tools and supporting information. We invite you to introduce your community to CPR’s mission and work.

The legitimate battleground in the vaccine debate among mainstream American parents is between choice and compulsion. Together, we will help to advance a more informed, respectful and measured conversation about childhood vaccination.

Buy your MIB here: Meeting In a Box