Chicago Principles for Vaccination Choice
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We, the people who affirm our belief in personal rights, in order to promote the general health and welfare for ourselves and our children and to establish justice, advocate the following principles:

    1. Vaccination choice based on complete and accurate information is a fundamental human right.

    2. The right to conscientious objection from vaccination mandates, namely the right to a philosophical exemption, is a fundamental human right.

    3. Laws that make education, employment, daycare and public benefits contingent on vaccination status, except in the most extreme of public health emergencies, violate the fundamental human right to vaccination choice.

    4. When vaccination is used as a preventive medical intervention for healthy individuals, the precautionary principle must apply.  If there is no public consensus about the need for or safety of certain vaccines, they should neither be recommended nor mandated for universal use.

    5. Individuals who are in a position to evaluate, recommend and mandate vaccines must be free of all actual or perceived conflicts of interest.