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Sunday, 04 July 2010 06:00
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The Center for Personal Rights is a leading non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of vaccination choice as an important human, civil and individual right.  Policies that promulgate compulsory vaccination in the absence of a legitimate public health emergency are unethical and misguided.

We are committed to expanding the scholarship, understanding and awareness of the societal need for vaccination choice through grassroots outreach, social cause-driven networking, and institutional engagement.

To unveil CPR and clearly articulate our platform issues, CPR organized and launched the inaugural American Rally for Personal Rights on May 26, 2010 in Grant Park, downtown Chicago.  The two-hour line-up featured powerful professional and personal testimony from twenty speakers.  The speakers offered thirteen Big Ideas about vaccination choice, representing the law, human rights, science, medicine, nutrition, history, ethics, business, the military, immigrants, and social activism in support of vaccine safety, childhood health, public health, and claims of those injured by compulsory vaccination.    Over 125 national and local participating organizations and sponsors supported our event, which also drew positive media attention.

At the rally, CPR announced several important educational tools to communicate our mission and advance our goals:

•    The Chicago Principles for Vaccination Choice
•    Calls for Immediate Action in the United States
•    Harris Interactive Poll on Vaccination Choice, demonstrating that concern about vaccine mandates is shared by a majority of parents.  This is a mainstream, parental issue.
•    Meeting-in-a-Box, a powerful yet user-friendly tool inviting concerned citizens to get involved and help educate those in their community about the facts concerning vaccine safety and vaccination mandates

CPR’s next major project is the launch and promotion of a book in the spring 2011.  Published by Skyhorse Publishing, CPR will present the law, science and ethics in support of vaccination choice.  The book is a compilation of essays from a broad range of disciplines, offering both professional and personal perspectives.

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